About Us

Bildungspatenschaften e.V. (BIPA in short) is a non-profit and registered association founded in 2021. We have set ourselves the goal of providing vulnerable children, young people and adults in India with access to education through our financial support. Our vision is to enable the beneficiaries to become financially independent and self-reliant through our work. As of 01/10/2023, we had 26 members in the association.

Transparency is important to us. We have therefore published all important information (incl. financial and activity reports) centrally on our transparency page.

Our charter

The Board of Directors

According to §9 of the association’s charter, the board of directors is divided into chairpersons and assessors.
The current members of the Board of Directors introduce themselves below:

I'm Aaron, 23, a civil engineering student from Bergisches Land. Besides my studies in Wiesbaden, I spend most of my time mainly with music and sporting activities of all kinds. Being involved in our association has given me a lot of pleasure so far and is definitely something I can only recommend! Our team is young and fresh, with good ideas and lots of energy.

I'm Anna, I'm 22 and I work as a hairstylist. When my brother told me about BIPA, I really wanted to be part of it. I want to help young people and I think everyone can do their part. At BIPA, we help young people to experience the education that is normal for us and hope to give them a better and more self-determined life.

I am Leo, 25 years old, studied Media Management B.Sc. and regularly travel to India, where part of my father's family lives. Unique culture & nature and abject poverty are unfortunately close to each other there. I am deeply convinced that education is the only and sustainable way to fight poverty. That is why I started BIPA together with friends. Together we want to make a difference by making education accessible to those who cannot afford it.

I am Niklas, a certified carpenter and currently studying wood construction in Salzburg. I am a board member at BIPA because I believe that education is one of the most important building blocks for a promising and happy future. For us it is self-evident to receive good and free education, but in many countries of the world children are denied this for various reasons. I am for equal opportunities and equal rights for all. No matter where. That is why, together with BIPA, I am committed to giving children the chance for a happier and better future. Together we are working to ensure that education is no longer a privilege.

I am Rebecca and 30 years old. Through my involvement with BIPA, I want to show young people, but especially young women, a way to create an independent life through education. Part of my roots are in India, a great country that will continue to face greater social challenges in the future. For me, education in particular is an important tool for everyone, but also for a society, to realise itself and to be able to live together well. In India in particular, education is still denied to many people, mainly for financial reasons or because they are female, for example. In order to create an impact, I am happy to be a part of BIPA.