One particularly important aspect of the work of Bildungspatenschaften e.V. is transparency towards our members and donors. For this reason, we regularly publish financial and activity reports as well as our charter.

All information about Bildungspatenschaften e.V. is published on this page in compliance with the voluntary commitment of the Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (Transparent Civil Society Initiative).

1. name, seat, address and year of foundation

Bildungspatenschaften e.V.
Pfarrer-Huber-Str. 6a
76547 Sinzheim

Founding year: 2021

Contact: Leonard Dost

2. complete charter as well as objectives of Bildungspatenschaften e.V.

Click here for our charter.

The general aims of the association can be found in the charter under §2 Purpose of the association. Our vision is to provide, through the sponsorship of school, academic and practical education and the maintenance of local educational institutions, vulnerable people in India with access to education and consequently the possibility of future financial independence, self-reliance and a more dignified life.

3. information on the tax concession

Our work is recognised as non-profit in the sense of § 5 para. 1 no. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act for the purpose of promoting development cooperation as well as the promotion of education, popular and vocational training, including student aid, according to the assessment notice of the Baden-Baden tax office (tax number: 36065/12901) dated 19.01.2022.

4. name and function of key decision-makers

According to §8 of our charter, the organs of the association are:

  • the board of directors

  • the general meeting

The functions of these bodies are described in §9 and §10. According to §9, the following persons belong to the Board of Directors:

Leonard Dost, Chairman of the Board

Niklas Riese, Chairman of the Board

Aaron Tebroke, Chairman of the Board

Rebecca Dost, assessor

Anna Riese, assessor

5. activity report

A detailed description of our activities in 2022 can be found on page 20ff. of our Annual Report 2022 (in German). You can also find the latest information in our blog.

6. personnel structure

As of 15.08.2022, 20 volunteer members were committed to the goals of Bildungspatenschaften e.V..

7. information on the origin of funds

Published in the Annual Report 2022 (in German).

8. information on the use of funds

Published in the Annual Report 2022 (in German).

9. corporate legal ties with third parties

There are no contractual relationships with third parties that have a significant influence on the decisions of our organisation.

10. names of persons whose annual payments represent more than 10 % of the total annual budget.

  • Samuel Gabor